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Editorial Content Production

Supporting you with both visual and written content, each one of our team is prominent in their own field and has roots in food and decoration publications. In a highly comprehensive lane, from the preparation of books and food programmes to creating website content  you will be able to express yourself far more freely with the expertise of our content editors.

Neslihan Demir

When Neslihan Demir graduated from Marmara University’s Media faculty she wrote her thesis on ‘Food Publishing in Turkey.’ She has fitted in notable projects in a great many fields in the 20 years of her adventure with the media. Demir was the editor-in-chief at Sofra Magazine for many years and put her name to works such as The Flavour Calendar – Meat Dishes and Sweet and Savoury Dish Cards and Cards for Main Dishes published by İnkilap Publishing House. She has reported, written and researched for a variety of publications.

While compiling and presenting the food and travel programme, Kültür Aşı, (Culture Food) broadcast on ATV for three years she introduced the treasure-trove of the flavours of our country having travelled it extensively.

Demir continues her work as an editor and writer and is part of the Studio Cucina team as producer of editorial content.

Ebru Altan

 Ebru Altan opened her personal blog called Mimosa Café in 2009, combining her childhood passion for food, and the legacy of her Mersin and Antakya roots. While she shares her experiments in the kitchen on her blog she has also had diverse training in cookery both in Turkey and abroad. Led by her passion for travel, she has taken part in workshops in many different countries such as Japan, Thailand, America and Italy to discover the local culinary culture.

Receiving her first photography training in Turkey she then went to London and took part in a variety of courses in food styling and food photography. Since 2012 she has been working as the food editor and food stylist for La Cucina Italiana. She also does food styling for independent projects.

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